5 Key Areas of Freedom

Our Vision

That Neighborhood Foundation's mission is to restore hope, empower individuals, strengthen families, and transform our community. 


Our community is known as the Vistula neighborhood one of Toledo's first neighborhoods.   North Toledo is plagued with a high crime rate, low income, poor housing, inadequate neighborhood services, and a high drop-out rate for high school students. 


With many families in poverty for more than one generation, we seek to build relationships with individuals by meeting 5 basic human needs. Every ministry, every program is based on building relationships and creating safe and loving environments. In these environments, adults, youth, children, and families can begin to re-discover their purpose and passion for life and as they become empowered, they will learn to dream again. 


That Neighborhood Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit 501 (c)3 corporation with the goal to see the cycle of generational poverty ended in the lives of those we serve, as individuals and families rediscover their purpose and passion for life.  We partner closely with That Neighborhood Church.  Join us as we rebuild dreams in the '04.



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