Things We Need

The needs in our neighborhood are great!  Think about all the needs you have every day that requires stuff.  Doing laundry, brushing your teeth, feeding your family etc., the list goes on and on.   Some of our needs are consumables that are used in our free clinic or at Rahab's heart while other needs are project based.


We have many unique opportunities for you to come alongside us to help breath life into our community.


Check out the list often and consider how you might be able to meet some of these needs.  We try our best to make sure that every donation is utilized to help as many people as possible.  The current needs have been divided into specific areas of ministry.


Rahab's Heart

Coming Soon!


That Neighborhood Free Clinic

Coming Soon!


That Neighborhood Youth Development Center

Coming Soon!


The Plank Factory

We are about two-thirds done with renovations!  In order for us to finish everything up, we are raising the remaining funds needed to complete the project.  Check out our "It's About Time" campaign to find out how you can be a part of making The Plank Factory a reality!  If you can give online by clicking here!

Renovation Estimates

Temporary Electric Pole             $500 - DONE

Toledo Edison permanent electrical service fees   1,000 - DONE

Roof replacement   $30,000 - DONE!

Glass block windows   $4,460 - DONE!

Exterior painting  $7,000 - DONE!

Interior walls and finishing   $17,936 DONE!

Rough & finish plumbing   $16,100 DONE

Interior concrete patching   $2,000

Electrical labor   $8,000 DONE!

Electrical materials  $2,300 DONE!

Industrial light fixtures   $4,000 DONE!

Interior & exterior light fixtures   $2,700

Misc fixtures   $500

Construction Overhead  $3,500

Exterior block repairs   $1,000 - DONE!

Gutters and downspouts   $2,500  DONE!

Interior painting   $6,000 ALMOST DONE!


Gas piping  $1,000 DONE!

Temporary utilities   $1,200

Exterior Concrete and Asphalt striping   $5,500

Contractor's fee   $5,000 DONE!

Asphalt Repair $10,000

Dust Collector $5,000



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