Newly Aquired Property in North Toledo:  4000 Square Feet of Potential!

A 2000 square foot facility has been purchased to expand our after school program for MS and HS students from 2 days a week to 5 days a week by creating a gang free, violence free space for youth to "hang out" and reach their educational and vocational goals. 


We can also create a better learning environment for our middle school ministry by giving them a space that will allow for more activity based learning


An Additional 2000 square feet building will be used for:

Provide a living space for interns
Provide a small laundry space for our regular attenders
Add showers to our facility for short term mission groups

Provide meeting rooms for adult programs.


This is just a highlight of the impact that this space will provide for our community. We have raised $42,000 for the purchase and renovations.  We are estimating the total project will cost $86,000.  We need an additional $44,000 in cash or product donations.


If you would like to donate funds please click on green "Give" button below.

If you would like to help with renovations click on Contact Us

THE PLANK FACTORY - Work Readiness Program

If you were to spend any time in our neighborhood you would notice that there are a lot of people who don't work.  From the outside you might be saying to yourself, "They just need to get a job!"  The only problem with that thinking is that for many our our neighbor they have never been taught employment life skills.  This coming year we will be renovating and opening up a working business that will not only teach some of our neighbors much needed employment life skills, but we will be making quality products out of re-purposed wooden pallets. These products will be sold in and around Toledo and the surrounding area. All of the profits will go right back into the neighborhood. In order for this to be a success we will need lots of volunteers to help with various renovation projects.  Once we are finished we will be needing used wooden pallets on a regular basis.  


If you would like to become involved in making the Plank Factory a reality please fill out the Contact Us form.  If you would like to donate funds towards the Plank Factory please click on the green "Give" button.


The future home of the Plank Factory!
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