Rahab’s Heart, located in the center of North Toledo, is a resource for adult women who have been trafficked or trapped in the street level commercial sex trade. Through street outreach, bimonthly dinners and group services, our women learn to dream again as they find new freedom, purpose, and hope. The ministry operates under the umbrella of That Neighborhood Foundation, a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, and is run entirely through the dedicated efforts of volunteers and the generosity of groups, churches, businesses, and individuals.


Sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery which exists throughout the United States and the world. The average entry age into the commercial sex market is 12-14, although it is not unusual for the age to be younger. Research shows that without intervention, 77 percent of trafficked youth will go on to participate in adult prostitution.


Many of the women we serve were victims of trafficking or abuse as children. Research from a 2012 study showed that more than a third of adults involved in the sex trade in Ohio’s five largest metropolitan cities entered before the age of 18. Most come from a lifetime of trauma. Our women suffer from high rates of violence, substance abuse, mental and physical health issues and post-traumatic stress. Rahab’s Heart was founded to reach out to and rescue these adult women, many of whom were once child victims themselves.



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