Youth Development


Students in North Toledo face some staggering obstacles to a bright future.  Student are faced with poverty, hunger, transportation issues and other inadequate resources.  Our goal is to help students write their future story. When students live in generational poverty, their ability to dream of a future begins to slip away. But we can change all this.  We start by helping students discover their purpose, realize their value, and achieve their educational and vocational goals.  We create safe, flexible learning environments. Through relationships, each student begins to dream again and their future story starts to emerge.


If you are interested in helping an at-risk youth create their future story, contact Shelly at



This year we plan to expand our current program from 2 days into a 4 day a week Youth Development Center.  Our current space is limited so we are excited to announce that we have aquired 2000 square feet of space for a new Youth Center in North Toledo.  Stay tuned for more information!



The obstacles that face both students and adults can be overwhelming.  For many,being able to graduate from High School becomes an unfulfilled dream.  Our Neighborhood Resource Center will be providing G.E.D. classes for those who weren't able to graduate from High School but want to move forward with a job or more education.



Many of our neighbors don't have washers and dryers.  The closest laundry mat is almost 9 blocks away.  The only way for families to get clean clothes is to throw away their old clothes and come to the Clothing Closet for new clothes.  We have been offering free clothes for over 8 years.  That Neighborhood Resource Center will allow us to create a permenate home for the CC!



Along with providing free clothes we are going to create a space where our neighbors to do laundry.  The environment will be clean and safe.  We are developing a system that will allow qualified individuals to use the facilities at a minimal cost.



Not only are we committed to empowering our neighbors to create a better life for themselves but we are also committmented to training others how to create life giving environments.  We will be training interns on a regular basis how to break the chains of generational poverty through the power of Christ. We will provide them with housing and training for a two year period.  Our hope is that they will then go to other parts of the country to do the same.


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