Coming in 2017!

The mission of The Plank Factory is to restore hope, empower individuals, strengthen families and transform our community. Our neighborhood is one of the most impoverished in all of Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  Because of the toxic results of generational poverty many of our neighbors don’t have the knowledge or skills to maintain a good job.  One of the best ways to propel a neighborhood like ours forward is with indigenous urban small businesses that create products that are useful in a healthy work environment.  The Plank Factory will be such a business. Along with producing quality wooden products from repurposed materials, The Plank Factory will also be teaching life employment skills.  Every product made will include a story of its creation by those living in one of the most impoverished areas in all of Ohio. These products will be sold to the public onsite, through our website and retail outlets.  All the profits will go right back into our neighborhood.


The Plank Factory will have a lasting positive effect in our community including:

  1. Providing individuals who are currently unskilled and unemployed with job training and employment.
  2. Giving individuals who have wooden pallets a way to dispose of them while helping out their community.
  3. Environment is positively impacted by repurposing wooden pallets.
  4. Allow those living in Toledo an opportunity to buy quality products made in Toledo that in turn helps Toledo.

Renovations have begun!  Check out our current needs list by clicking here.

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